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Inauguration day - Knit Lightly and Carry a Big Stick
Inauguration day
So, this is the very first entry into this journal.

First of all, the name "amoral fiber" celebrates my knitting philosophy--there's no right or wrong when it comes to yarn, just different. Sometimes really, really different. Sometimes, "Why in god's name would you knit that horrid thing?" different. But that's OK, cause knitting is about yourself (and sometimes the people you love a lot). So, knit weird! Knit amorally (or even immorally, if you dare).
To celebrate the inauguration of this fiber-related journal, I documented a typical work day yesterday. I'm guessing that most of you reading this know me, but if you don't, I work at The Golden Fleece in Santa Cruz, CA. It's pretty much the best thing ever.

This is one half of my store.

This is the other half (more or less, I'm missing some bits, but this gives you a feel!):

This is my favorite shelf. I love Malabrigo yarn. I worship Malabrigo yarn! Who would have thought that one who was once so adamantly anti-wool would have a love like this?

These are underwear someone else knit. They aren't really worth documenting, and have nothing to do with my day yesterday. But it is worth mentioning that at Stitches a 90-year old woman picked them up and said, "Is this a purse? It's cute!" When I explained to her, as gently as I could, what they were, she dropped them as if she'd been burned.

This is the StashMonster. I made him one day because I was bored, and these green balls of eyelash yarn always look like they're scheming. He is the patron saint of having too much yarn, and he will likely make repeat appearances in this blog.

This is the daisy-chain scarf I made for work last week (those of you coming over from bluegreysky   will recognize it=) It's something I would never, ever wear, but it did inspire the "The Truth is Out There" scarf--pictures coming in the next few days.

This is the sight that greets me most days at work--- Horribly Tangled Hank. I usually spend about the first hour of my day trying to make wayward Hank a useful member of society.

Horribly Tangled on the swift, halfway to becoming Horribly Tangled Ball:

Skipping three electric windings and one hand winding ahead, ta da!

I then spent a good part of the afternoon printing out free patterns from the web and putting them into a binder for our customers. The first pattern I printed was of the baby cargo pants from Knitty, and I discovered that color pictures of babies printed out in black and white have really creepy eyes:

Taylor came in for the last hour of my shift-- I set him to work assembling aforementioned binder, but he got bored, so I gave him a book of knitted lingerie to look through=)

Then he was much happier=)

The end!

In other news, the satchel I'm making required a fourth ball of Malabrigo, which I was *really* hoping I wouldn't need. However, I'm about 2" from being done with the flap, which is when I can begin doing the fun contrast stuff. And this way I'll have extra purple to play with the colors. So, dark purple for the body and the flap, light sage green for the edging, pocket, and strap. I think I'm then going to do some freeformy-spirally embroidery in the green on the body of the bag and then a little matching motif in purple on the pocket and maybe the strap. It shall be much fun:)
I'm making my dad a felted backgammon board for his birthday, and that's going less well--I'm bored with the colors, it's in scratchy Cascade 220, and I have to do the pattern repeat umpteen times. Bored! But I've gotta finish it, cause I want to have it to take home next weekend. So that's gotta be the focus for tomorrow:)
More soon!

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