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Make your own StashMonster=) - Knit Lightly and Carry a Big Stick
Make your own StashMonster=)

1) Dig through your stash and find a ball of yarn, preferably some god-awful novelty yarn that you used for trim and never touched again, or thought you had some use for and then thought better of. You also need some random leftover yarn: something in black and whatever brights you've got, and some spare double-pointed needles.

2) Using brightly colored scraps (here a yellow acrylic and a bright pink lace mohair), make 2 small pom-poms (no, I will not call them pom- pons. Maybe it is like saying "pasghetti" instead of "spaghetti," but I'm stubborn).

3) Using spare black yarn, crochet two small flat circles in sc. Weave the outside ends back to the middle of the circles.

4) Assembly: Using the two ends on your crocheted circles, tie the eyes onto the ball of yarn in appropriate spots. Push the tip of your double-pointed needle into the middle of the pom-pom to make an antenna (these aren't really secured, so that the needles are still easily usable. Just push em back to the top or tie the center strand tighter if your pom-poms try to escape down the needles).

Monster complete.

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