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Do you continental knitters.... - Knit Lightly and Carry a Big Stick
Do you continental knitters....
absolutely hate making I-cords? I've gotten pretty good with this continental thing, and I think I'm even growing to like it. But I-cords? The satchel I'm working on has an I-cord bind-off, which I love the effect of (I plan to use it muchly), but I've decided that knitting an I-cord with the yarn in your left hand is suicidal. Let me explain.

When you slide stitches over (or, in this case, slip them back onto the left needle), you're working yarn is already three stitches to the left. Why in the name of zeus would you keep the yarn in your left hand while you're trying to work a stitch three paces to the right?

See? (excuse my one-handed photography--you try to take pictures of yourself knitting!)

I can make it work, but why struggle unnecessarily? When I knit English, the yarn is already on the right because that's where you hold it anyway:

Ashley just arrived, and she informed me that she holds the yarn in front of the needle, even when she's knitting, which solves the working yarn issue. I've never noticed that she knits that way, and I've never seen anyone else do that--maybe another technique to try when I'm not all techniqued-out.

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needlexchange From: needlexchange Date: March 31st, 2007 01:56 pm (UTC) (Link)
I also hold the yarn in front of the needle. Probably Ash and I both do it because I taught her to knit. I've tried holding the yarn behind the needle, but then it seems like I'm always having to consciously put it there, because it's so much more natural for it to be in the front - it's just right where you need it when you need it.
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